New company head office of GBK Ingelheim wins architectural award

The new company building of the GBK at Ingelheim won an architectural award. The location of the company GBK GmbH in the mixed area in direct proximity to the residential area makes living and working equally attractive.

Good accessibility is available for employees and visitors by the direct motorway connection and the proximity to the station. There is enough parking space on the property. The “lighthouse project” with red as a color in the company logo and the entire complex is known throughout Ingelheim as “the red house”. Located in the western entrance of the city, it welcomes you in Ingelheim. In addition, it contributes to the identification of employees with your company as a strong brand.

On approximately 1200 m² of land and approx. 600 m² of floor space, the location offers the internationally renowned consulting company GBK GmbH with currently more than 20 employees a workplace. A pharmaceutical company as a tenant as well as tenants in the commercial roof-top apartment appreciate the pleasant and generous working atmosphere as well as the comfortable living space.

The ground plan is adapted in its trapezium shape to the shape of the plot. The outdoor area with generous green areas with plants and trees make the company premises attractive. From all offices, the view into the green, into the Rheingau, in the direction of Bingen and to the Westerberg with its Bismarckturm. Also the memorial of Niederwald, the monastery Marienthal as well as Johannesberg and Schloss Vollrads can be seen. The use of natural materials as facade cladding underlines the connection to this environment.

Modern and functionally equipped single offices allow uninterrupted and concentrated work. A lobby with reception and quality of stay is actively used by staff in breaks and for communication. The building has modern house technology with an electric heat pump in combination with a high-performance solar system completely integrated into the roof and thus almost invisible.

Design Price Trade and Working 2015


Client: GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance

Architect: Michael Gemünden