China-Workshop: Current regulation for Chemicals

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Workshop (engl.) : How the Current Regulation Affect the Chemicals Importation to China

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GBK China Trainer has many years of experience in the research and compliance practice of China’s hazardous chemicals management regulations. He is now mainly engaged in the GHS practice of different countries in Asia, the registration of chemicals, and the transportation of dangerous goods. He has accumulated rich experience in the edition of SDS and labelling. He has been invited to attend GHS training sessions and lectures for many times, gaining rich teaching experience


Enterprises export/import, transfer Chemical related products into China.

Managing Director /EHS Manager/Quality Manager/Legal Specialist/

EHS Specialist/Head of Logistics and shipping: involve product registration management, EHS/Compliance management, tracking of legal requirements.



No special requirements


China is enforcing the “13th five year” plan both for environmental protection and for safety production. The major hazard sources for prevention serious accidents and unpredictable risks from chemicals become one of the priorities, and different measures are taken by ministry levels with strict supervision and risk control.
More and more enterprises realize the strengthened requirements from local customs, import/export bureau when import/export into China. The complex of the regulation system and the increasing importation documents/certificates/data requirements which differs from province to province can bring lots confusion to global enterprise.


The presentation will introduce the current situation of chemicals importation management in China mainly in followed aspects:
1. The current chemical regulation framework in China
2. The inspection status and the focus from local authority
3. Main tasks enterprise facing, and suggestions on compliance reaction.


9:00 bis ca. 17:00 Uhr


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Lecture and workshop. Open discussion about challenges and experiences in your daily business. ( Your examples and cases are welcome to discuss ) Q&A.

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