Workshop Dangerous Goods Regulation and Hazardous Chemicals in China

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China DG road transportation and Storage

China GHS & relevant regulations


Date & Venue

Termin folgt / Ingelheim


Chenfeng Shen



Target Groups

Exporting Companies


Basic knowledge of ADR
Basic knowledge of EU-GHS

Contents of the Seminar

– China DG Regulation System
– Explaining Import Restrictions of DG in China.
– The impelemation of IATA DGR and IMDG in China
– China ADR JT617
– The storage requirmennts of DG in China


Preconditions for exporting chemical products to China.
– Classification
– Labelling
– Safety Data Sheet
– Emergency telephone number
– etc.
Explaining Import Restrictions in China.
– Customs Inspection in China
– Inventory Limitation
– etc.
How to register chemical products in China.
– China New chemical Notification
– Registration of Hazardous Chemicals
– etc.

Seminar times

9:00 to 17:00


Certificate of Attendance

Form of the seminar

Presentation, Discussion